The National Civilian Human Rights Law Reinforcement Agency Incorporating The National Escort Industry Regulation Institiution, Enforcing Mandatory Escort Registrations, Escort Service Licensing & Escort Health/Safety Administration


1. All potential escort service providers to be subjected to application approvals for:
A. mandatory escort service provider registration (one time fee),
B. mandatory health standard certification permit (renewed annually) &
C. independent escort service provider licensing fees (annually)
2. All Escort Agencies & Escort advertising websites not only are required to be subjected to contract agreements involving a monthly or annual website security monitering administration fee for continued legal operation mandates but will also be subjected to a fine of $500 for non-compliance / by-law violations such as posting unregistered, unlicensed unconfirmed & unidentified impersonators of our actual network of registered, licensed Escort Service Providers.
This Mandate will also require mandatory Escort Service Business Entities & Escort Service Advertisement Websites to be subjected to strict mandatory conditions including Escort Identification Validation Processing before being allowed to publicize/post escort advertisements to discontinue the ongoing issues of child prostitution, human trafficking, procruring & impersonation, and to implement the proper security measures into the industry as a whole to reassure the safety & security of our escort industry service providers and to protect the public interests of our community citizens altogether to create a more safe & secure escort industry environment nationwide.

We intend to subject all clientele involved in the escort industry as a whole to the described escort industry regulation institution nationwide, including escort service providers, escort service business operators & also the escort service advertisement websites that advertise escort services within our country’s jurisdiction, which is the intended range of escort services & clientele being subjected to the described regulation institution we are implementing.